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Brother DCP-110C, DCP-115C, DCP-116C, DCP-117C, DCP-120C

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Perfectly fits all Brother printer models as follows: MFC-215C, MFC-410CN, MFC-420CN,
MFC-425CN, MFC-610CLN, MFC-610CLWN, MFC-3240C,MFC-3340CN MFC-5440CN,
MFC-5840CN, FAX-1835C, FAX-1840C, FAX-1940CN,FAX-2440C DCP-110C, DCP-115C,
DCP-116C, DCP-117C, DCP-120C, DCP-310CN, DCP-315CN, DCP-340CW

We ship to any country in the world. 
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Review of the Brother DCP-110C, DCP-115C Printers

The Brother DCP 110 C is one of the printers types that is quite handy for the house printing jobs apart from being useful in the office as well. Measuring about 14.7 X 13.6 X 5.3 inches and weighing at 12.1 lbs this printer is just the ideal one to be carried from one place to another. This is an affordable inkjet printer that has a memory of 8 MB and supports flash drives for other printing jobs as well. It supports an array of drives like XD picture card, SD card, and Compact disk among several others.
This machine is a multifunction printer performing well with the demands of times. Having a copying speed of 11 ppm for colors with 1200 X 600 dpi color resolution this machine boasts of a printing speed of 15 ppm for the color prints. The scanner has an optical resolution of 600 X 2400 dpi. Running on the LC 41 cartridges this machine is compatible with different paper sizes and has a capacity of 100 sheets. The machine is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and has a USB interface to spruce up matters. The DCP 110 C is a good buy by all means for one looking for quality at affordable price. This printer works perfectly with the generic LC41 ink cartridge. Peachtree INK has sold thousands of LC41 printer ink cartridges and has tested the reliability of this generic ink on all Brother printers. You will love the low prices you find on thei sales page and the quality wil amaze you. Don't think because the price of the printer ink cartridge is low it must be low qaullty- not at all, the quality is amazing .

Brother DCP 115C is one those inkjet machines that run on the Brother LC41 printer ink cartridge. This machine is a multifunction printer with the goodness of a printer, scanner and copier molded into one. Having dimensions of 373 X 345 X 135 mm this machine weighs at 5.5 kg making it one of the most universal machines with the power of all the three aspects. The light weight makes it easy to be used at home and office alike. This machine has an input tray of capacity 100 pages and output tray of capacity 25 pages with a memory of 8 MB RAM and operational within a range of 5-35 degrees centigrade.The printer uses a LC41 printer ink cartridge in the black and 3 colors cyan, magenta and yellow and the generic ink supplied by Peachtree INK seems to work just great in the Brother printers. It has been tried and tested and really the generic form of these discount ink cartridges are just fine. You will love them.
The positives of this machine lie in the speed and affordability. The speed of printing is an impressive 20 ppm, while the speed of copying is an impressive 11 cpm for color copies. This is at a resolution of 600 X 1200 dpi. This impressive performance is seen in the scanning ability of this machine with a optical resolution of 600 X 2400 dpi. This machine has the ability of printing photos directly in the JPEG format and is compatible with windows and mac operating systems. This machine is definitely worth buying, especially for the people who need it in different places and would like to take it along. This DCP115c printer works very well with Peachtree INK generic ink cartridges.

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