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Brother DCP-130C and DCP-330C ink cartridges

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Suitable for these printers: MFC-230c MFC-440cn MFC-660cn MFC-240c MFC-465c
-665cw MFC-244cn MFC-465cn MFC-685cw MFC-3360c MFC-5460cn
MFC-845cw MFC-3660c MFC-5860cn MFC-885cw MFC-3660cn MFC-655cw
DCP-130c DCP-350c DCP-750cw DCP-330c DCP-540cn DCP-770c
Intellifax 1360 Intellifax 1960c Intellifax 2480c Intellifax 1860c Intellifax 2460c Intellifax 2580C

Review of the Brother DCP-130C and DCP-330C Printers
The Brother DCP 350c and DCP 330c along with the DCP 130c are all color multifunctional devices that run on the LC51 printer ink cartridges, available in Cyan, Yellow, Black and Magenta colors. These printer machines work exceptionally wel using the generic ink cartridges from Peachtree INK. Customers every day are using these replacement ink cartridges from Peachtree and are very happy with the printing results. More so are they happy with the savings that they have achieved.
These machines boast a 32 MB memory apart from the DCP130c running on 16 MB memory and the performances with the generic LC51 is extremely good. Using the inexpensive ink cartridges variation makes the running cost of this Brother printer unit very low. The cheap ink cartridges are availed at Peachtreeink.com, online at affordable cost. The machines support different memory cards apart from the various memory sticks that come along. Compatible with most operating systems and connected to PC via USB these machines are easy to use and carry around.
The machines have an impressive copying speed of 16 ppm at least and the speed of the DCP 350c and DCP 330c are at 20 ppm with a resolution of 1200 X 1200 resolutions. The options of enlargement and reduction are very handy for the different needs. Printing is sharp with resolution of 6000 X 1200 dpi with the speed being 25 ppm for DCP 330c and 350c where as the 130c clocks 20 ppm at least. The color print cartridges are easy to attach and use. Scanning is at par in these machines at an resolution of 600 X 2400 dpi and a resolution of 19200 X 19200 dpi. The color depth is 240 bit and all the machines are compatible with different paper media.
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