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BROTHER TONER - TN-330 / TN-360 - (Black)

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We offer the cheapest toner cartridges on the web coupled with top quality. We do not sell junk! We offer the cheapest toner cartridges on the web coupled with top quality. Our Compatible Brother TN-330/TN-360 black toner cartridge replaces the Brother TN-330 and TN-360 toner cartridges. This HIGH YIELD toner cartridge prints up to 2600 pages versus the standard yield of 1500 pages for the Brother TN-330, and is used by the Brother DCP, HL, and MFC series laser printers. Our compatible Brother TN-330/TN-360 black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Suitable for these printers:
Compatible Brother Printers  Models:
Brother DCP-7030
Brother DCP-7040
Brother HL-2140
Brother HL-2170W
Brother MFC-7340
Brother MFC-7345N
Brother MFC-7440N
Brother MFC-7840W

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Ink and toner cartridges are a multibillion dollar industry. Like any other industry, the printer ink cartridges industry is fraught with legal disputes. Patent disputes, class action suits, you name it, and the high courts are seeing it every day. There's a good reason for this legal trouble. Trouble's sure to crop up when a few companies dominate a multibillion dollar industry. These companies aren't afraid of losing business when they raise prices because they know people depend on their ink to carry out their business from day to day.

Generic printer ink manufacturers who make inexpensive ink cartridges don't share the legal battles of their brand counterparts. The fact that there are so many competitors in the generic ink industry pretty much ensures good behavior from every generic manufacturer. If they make any kind of mistake, their customers will just go to the competition. Sad as it may be, that's the truth. Big brand name companies like Kodak and Lexmark push their customers around, raising prices whenever they see fit. Generic companies, who make inexpensive ink cartridges though, like to, use a different tactic. They just offer their products for a lot less and use strict quality control to ensure high quality. Generic printer ink cartridges companies aren't saints. If they could, they'd do the same as brand ink manufacturers, however their speciality is discount toner cartridges.

Thankfully, there is plenty of competition in the generic ink market to keep generic companies in line. Brand name products, as a rule, cost more. That's just the way it is. It takes millions upon millions of dollars to market a brand enough that the product becomes a household name. In general, generic printer ink cartridge companies do not fool around trying to build brand recognition. After all, they're generic inexpensive ink cartridges - not brand. Their products are in-demand because of the low price and high quality. They know consumers will look for them so they don't bother to raise the millions for marketing. Generic is virtually the same as brand except for the price. That is why they are known worldwide as good quality inexpensive ink cartridges.

It makes you wonder, "Why do people even bother paying the high price of brand printer ink. "When will people realize that generic is as high quality as brand printer ink without the high price tag? Is it so hard to understand that generic printer ink can save them money? Use it at the office or in your home and you'll realize that you can save a ton of money buying generic ink. If you're sick and tired of paying a lot of money every time you refill your printer, just switch to generic. The cartridge, as well as the ink in the cartridge, is virtually identical to its brand name counterpart at less than half the cost. Mo Bradley is a well-known consumer advocate in the Atlanta GA area, writer of articles with tips and warnings on how to avoid getting ripped off and cheated. Speaking several languages in today’s day and age can, for some, mean the difference between growing stale at a boring job or enjoying frequent promotions and frequent travel.

While deciding on which language to learn is heavily dependent on one’s career path, knowing a bit of Spanish will be more than helpful when traveling abroad. There are quite a few resources an individual can use to learn a new language quickly and inexpensively. Services such as Rosetta Stone boast incredible results but, while these programs do work, learning a second language can be accomplished without being tied to the computer at all times. With ink for printer ink cartridges, a prospective student can print out exercises and practice one’s comprehension and speaking skills while saving money. Also, with the flexibility that printing out lesson plans offers, learning a language ‘on the go’ is not a problem. When you are printing out a lot you want to be able to use inexpensive ink cartridges that are of good quality. If the ink is too thick, it can clog the heads. It can't be too runny, either.

The cartridge, too, needs to be just right. If it's too fragile, it might break. This kind of poor quality is rare in generic cartridges. With the same quality control measures that companies like Lexmark and Cannon use, generic ink for printer manufacturers turn out a product that is equal in every way to its brand counterpart, except for price. Instead of recycling your inkjet cartridges, another route may be to have them refilled. There are several companies out there which assist with refilling inkjet cartridges, but you have to be careful that the company knows what they're doing. Everyone knows how expensive printer ink can be. A printer at first always seems such a blessing until you realize that it is nothing but a Trojan horse which will fleece you for the cost of replacement ink. Knowing where to locate inexpensive ink cartridges on the internet is like knowing where to save huge amounts of money.

Have you not heard of how great Brother toner equivalent generic cartridges are? Millions of people around the world are reporting equal quality as compared to the original Canon brand. I am going to say it again: generic printer ink is every bit as high quality as their branded counterparts; generic is just a lot cheaper. It is as simple as that.
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