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D340, L170, LC510, L400, D320 (8955A001AA) FX-8 - 3 PACK COMBO

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Canon 7833A001AA (S-35)
Toner Cartridge
NON-OEM Re-manufactured

Our compatible Canon 8955A001AA (FX-8) Black toner cartridge replaces the Canon 8955A001AA (FX-8) toner cartridges. This Canon toner cartridge is used in the Canon D340, L170, LC510, L400, D320 laser printers. Our compatible Canon 8955A001AA (FX-8) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 3500 pages

Canon - Digital Copier ICD -340
ImageClass D320
ImageClass D340
ImageClass D383
- Other Canon Printers L170

Is Generic Ink Really Low Quality ?
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If you have been reading that cheap printer ink which is also known as generic ink is low quality, you have been reading lies. The articles that make such claims are written by brand ink companies. Generic are literally the same as branded cartridges; remove the logo and the high price and you have got yourself a cartridge of generic. Re-manufactured is a cross between brand and generic. You get the high quality of branded and the low price of generic.

If you are worried about buying generic cheap toner, do not be; why would you trust branded ink manufacturers to provide you with a high quality product and yet doubt that generic and re-manufactured ink companies offer the same. Ultimately, the only difference between generic printer ink and their OEM competitors is the price they sell for.
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It's vitally important that you get only what you need. If you already have a desk, don't buy a new one. Wait until your business is stronger before you start making major investments. Try not to fall into the trap that a lot of entrepreneurs find themselves in. They'll spend all their money on equipment they don't need. You'll need that money to survive until your business takes off so, again, get only what you need. The Canon L170 is a great option for small business start-ups because it takes the power of a fax machine, printer, and scanner and crams it into a compact package. It's especially great if you have a really small office and also you can get discount toner cartridges.

Actually, 3-in-1 printers are great for home users, too. If the price of printer ink scares you, you could always buy generic. It costs a lot less than brand name cartridges and gets pretty much the same results. One of the coolest things about the L170 is that it is Energy Star approved. That means you'll save money every time you use it. Besides that you can find online suppliers who will sell you cheap printer ink for the Canon L170 and anyone can see that it's a great deal.

You can finally gain your independence from expensive branded printer ink. With laser printing technology, this Canon 3-in-1 printer uses cheap toner cartridges. A fast printer is really a necessity when you're trying to run a business. Would you believe that the L170 can print 19 pages per minute? This machine has one of the fastest modems this side of the Milky Way. For great printer ink savings and the functionality of an office, this machine won't let you down. Since the invention of the home computer, no one has seen such an incredible device. Canon did it again.