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LBP-2410 Copier Printer (EP-87BK) EP87 - (Black)

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Canon Imageclass:
MF 8170C MF 8180C

OEM Part Number: 7433A005AA
Toner/Ink Content: FULL
Condition: Compatible
Warranty: Yes
Page Yield @ 5%: 5000

Our compatible Canon EP-87BK (EP87) Black toner cartridge replaces the Canon EP-87BK (EP87) toner cartridges. This toner cartridge is used in the Canon Color ImageClass 8180C, MF8170C, LBP-2410 Copier Printer laser printers. Our compatible Canon EP-87BK (EP87) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 5000 pages

Review of the Canon LBP-2410 Copier Printer
By Shuchitra

Printers are changing with each passing day and with it the ease of use. The new generation printers are seen in the house and at the office as well. The laser shot printer by canon is one of the smaller ones with powerful performance and is just the thing for the offices needing loads of prints in quick time using the generic discount toner cartridges. The LBP-2410 is one of the most compact yet reliable printers. This one has the dimensions of 251 X 370X 217 mm and weighs 5.7 kg. This printer cane be used as a portable one due to its size and has loads of goodies attached from the canon stable. This laser printer runs on two latest technologies, CAPT 2.1 and the Hi-SCoA that have changed the way printing is done, resulting in superb performance. The Hi-SCoA, better known as the Smart compression Architecture, compresses the print job data in to smaller sized data packet sand results in the quick transfer from the computer to the printer. This printer is the result of the new technologies used by canon and has made the LBP-2410 way superior than the others with respect to the performance. The printer is capable of working under severe work pressure and does not buckle under heavy volumes of printing. This printer has an excellent performance graph. Able to withstand high pressure and huge print loads it has speed of 12 pages per minute, which is above average for a printer of this calibre. Here again the canon magic comes into play. The price per printout is one of the cheapest using the generic toner from Peachtree Ink.

This along with the canons ground-breaking technologies have separated this printer from its competitors with respect to the usability and performance. One of the best things about this printer is the fact that it starts printing as soon as the job is given, printing directly from the Standby mode with no time needed absolutely. All these features are the result of canons revolutionary technology and are the result of years of trial and error. The printer is compatible to take prints on different media like envelopes, greeting cards, labels and many more. The resolution of the prints is again above average and the printer is to be commended for this. This printer uses the shorter U-shaped paper path that ensures something most printers have to deal with, the paper jams. The print due to the U-shaped path is almost JAM free and helps to increase the productivity of the printer and making it very efficient. The performance of the LBP-2410 is boosted by some other things as well. This machine runs on minimal power compared to the other laser printers and compatible with generic toner refill. One more aspect that separates this printer from the others is the fact that it uses the 2.0 high speed interfaces, speeding the file transfers.
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