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PC150, PC300, PC320, PC325 (1491A002AA) - (Black E40 )

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Our compatible Canon E40 (1491A002AA) Black toner cartridge replaces the Canon E40 (1491A002AA) toner cartridges. This toner cartridge is used in the Canon PC150, PC300, PC320, PC325, PC400, PC420, PC428, PC430, PC530, PC550, PC720, PC730, PC735, PC740, PC745, PC710, PC770, PC775, PC785, PC790, PC795, PC860, PC880, PC890, PC920, PC921, PC940, PC950, PC980, PC981 laser printers. Our compatible Canon E40 (1491A002AA) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 4000 pages

Review of the Canon E40 PC150, PC300, PC320, PC325 Printers
By Christine

If you come across Canon PC150 for the first time you won’t even think for a second that it’s a printer. Canon toner PC150 has a look that doesn’t look anywhere near to other printers. It is stylish in design and only costs in the range of £100 to £110. The printer will provide a lot of functionality and features that are well embedded inside the small equipped inkjet printer.

Canon PC150 might be small in size but also can handle a lot of work just like some of the multi-purpose big printers. The printer will save you a lot of desk space compared to other small gadgets or even a portable radio. It seems that when Canon PC150 was in the development process, Ease of use was their top priority. The printer is actually easier to use than any other printer so far. The buttons are made to appear so big and well arranged in a way that even an idiot won’t miss a thing when using Canon PC150. When you look at the printer from a distance you may think that the printer has a lot of buttons and controls to interact with, but the truth will come out clearly when you move closer to it and start operating it yourself.

The qualities of the printouts are amazing, and it’s all supported by the type of ink that is being used. When the ink depletes it’s advisable to replace it with quality proven ink like the Peachtree Ink brand discount toner cartridges.

Canon PC150 is also fitted with an internal power supply that makes the printer to be mobile. The printer is fitted with a nice handle that will enable the user to hold onto when moving around with it. There is a combination of both paper and dye-sub print spool all of them in one cassette that is located on one side of the printer. When you are feeding the paper into the printer, you use the front slot which will make the paper to rotate at 90 degrees before printing it and releasing it out again.

The clarity of the printouts is very important and when generic printer toner is used it will make sure that no fading areas will appear on your printouts. And also adding to that the generic printer ink is cheap and of high quality, which is well known in maintaining your printer and giving it a long life.

Canon  PC150 can also print from several devices directly without the need of a computer. It has slots that are located bellow the flap on top. You will be able to scroll and view the images that you have before printing them. Actually this is a printer that one should not miss for home and office use.