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DELL TONER - 1700, 1700n (310-5402/3105402) - (Black)

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This High-Capacity Laser Cartridge is compatible with the Dell product number 310-5402.


Yields approx. 6,000 pages at 5% coverage.


For model(s): Dell 1700, 1700N, 1710 Laser Printers

Our compatible Dell 310-5402 (3105402) Black toner cartridge replaces the Dell 310-5402 (3105402) cheap toner cartridges. This toner cartridge is used in the Dell 1700, 1700n laser printers. Our compatible Dell 310-5402 (3105402) Black toner cartridges come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yield: 6000 pages

Review Of The DELL TONER- BLACK - Dell 1700, 1700n Printers

Whether you're looking to get your first printer, or you're looking to purchase an additional printer for a small office or workplace, the Dell 1700 has been created with you in mind. The Dell 1700 is a black and white laser printer and boasts a rather impressive 1200x1200 dpi and a maximum print rate of 25 pages per minute, so you can rest assured that it will be able to handle all of your printing requirements. If there have to be criticisms of the Dell 1700, it's that it can take a long time to warm up when it is initially turned on, and that it is fairly noisy in comparison to other laser printers out there. With regard to maintenance of the Dell 1700, one feature that it really has going for it is the fact that generic toner can be used instead of Dell-branded black toner cartridges without any problem. The fact that the Dell 1700 accepts generic ink toner cartridges mean that you can save money on toner cartridges, as you will not have to buy expensive original Dell-branded toner cartridges for this machine.
The Dell 1700n is another monochrome laser printer with the same dimensions as the Dell 1700 (15.5 x 13.9 x 9.8 inches). Like the Dell 1700, the 1700n also boasts a maximum print rate of 25 pages per minute. What differentiates the Dell 1700n from the Dell 1700, however, is the fact that it comes with a network connection and has network features, which makes it perfect for those looking to link this printer to multiple computers. Although the Dell 1700n is riddled with the same problems as the 1700, namely that it can be slow to print and is rather noisy, it is still a good office printer. What's more, the fact that the Dell 1700n also accepts cheater replacement toner means that you can save money when replacing your toner ink cartridges for this machine, which is always an added bonus. Remember that the cheaper toner cartridges from Peachtree INK are virtually the same quality as the original brand toner cartridges because they use the original toner cartridge shell and renovate it and then fill it with top USA made toner cartridge powder. The exact same quantity powder is in the re-filled toner refill s you would find in the branded Dell toner cartridge so this Dell 1700 laserjet printer will work perfectly every time only at a substantially lower operating cost per page.