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Business 1000, 1100, 1200 printer ink tanks

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Our compatible HP 10 black ink cartridge replaces the HP C4844A inkjet cartridges. This inkjet cartridge is used by the HP Business Inkjet, DesignJet, and OfficeJet series inkjet printers. Our compatible HP 10 black ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. HP10 BLACK +C/M/Y is FOR: DesignJet 500, Business Inkjet 1100, Business Inkjet 2800, OfficeJet 9130, OfficeJet 9110, Business Inkjet 2200, Color Inkjet CP CP1700, Business Inkjet 1200d, DesignJet 110plus nr, DesignJet 100, DesignJet 70, OfficeJet Pro K850dn, Business Inkjet 2800dtn, Business Inkjet 2800dt, Business Inkjet 1000, OfficeJet Pro K850, DesignJet 2500c+, DesignJet Colorpro CAD, DesignJet Colorpro GA, OfficeJet 9120, Business Inkjet 3000n, Business Inkjet 3000dtn, Business Inkjet 3000, Business Inkjet 2600, Business Inkjet 2600dn, Business Inkjet 2500cm, Business Inkjet 2500c, Business Inkjet 2300n, Business Inkjet 2300, Business Inkjet 2280, Business Inkjet 2250tn, Business Inkjet 2250, Business Inkjet 2230, Business Inkjet 2000c, Color Inkjet CP 1700 HP DesignJet Colorpro GA

Review of the HP -Business Inkjet 1000, 1100, 1200 Printers

The HP Business Inkjet 1000 is a decently priced inkjet that will fulfill the needs of a small office in terms of their printing requirements. It has a monthly duty cycle of 6,250 pages per month, which is the same as the HP Business Inkjet 1200. HP states that the Business Inkjet 1000 will print 23ppm in grayscale and 18 pages per minute in color, although in reality it prints at a somewhat slower rate than this. The HP Business Inkjet 1100 claims similar print speeds and print quality as the 1000, as also boats a max color resolution of 4800x1200 dpi. Finally, the HP Business Inkjet 1200 offers the same max color resolution as the 1100, and is also compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. All three of these printers would work well in a small office or even in the home. What's more, all these of these inkjets will run just fine on the lower priced generic ink cartridges. As generic ink refills are cheaper to buy than HP's own-brand cartridges, you can save money in the long run by using one of these inkjets, as their ink replacement costs are lower when compared to inkjets that do not accept generic cheap printer ink replacement cartridges.

Through black and color resolution, HP is promoting its innovation in printing on the HP business inkjet 1000 printer. It combines the 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi of the HP PhotoRET III enhanced color-layering technology with 1200 dpi for black. For a black draft print with an A4 size, the print speed is at 23 pages per minute and 18 pages per minute for color. Although it is at par with other business inkjets in terms of print quality, there is only a single tray with 150 sheets capacity for plain paper. Moreover, its monthly duty cycle is only limited to 6,250 pages per month. High quality ink cartridges are used with this HP 1000 printer but as always Hp original inkjet cartridges can be pricey.If you need a lower cost set of replacement discounted ink cartridges then you can get them from Peachtreeink.com online at very much discounted price tags. As a business printer, the Inkjet 1000 supports a number of media types such as banners, envelopes, transparencies, and greeting cards. Nonetheless, it is not designed to work with different variations of photo papers. Amazingly, this color inkjet is pretty light at 6.5 kgs with its dimensions of 19.5” x 8.4” x 16.2”. Two connectivity options are in place with the USB port and IEEE 1284-compliant parallel connection. The printer has an 8 MB built-in RAM with one year warranty for both hardware and software. It also has a maximum allowable power consumption of 75 watts. 

Small work teams make a huge difference in an organization. For this reason, they need a printer that not only has the latest office-based applications but is also durable. With these features, a printer that stands out is the HP Business Inkjet 1100. This type of printer is handy with high volume output in the most affordable cost. In normal mode, this unit can print 7.5 pages per minute of black prints and 7 pages per minute of color ones. In draft mode, it has a blazing speed of 23 pages per minute for black and 20 pages per minute for color. A work team that spends most of their time for preparation will benefit much from this series model. Original HP ink cartridges are ideal consumables but Peachtreeink.com online store distributes affordable generic ink cartridges discounted. Normal and draft mode are only basic features because color printing also stands out when premium photo paper is used. The maximum print resolution for this setup is 4800-optimized dpi or 1200 x 1200 input dpi. The Inkjet 1100’s printhead is in the forefront of the unit’s durability with its long life that almost equals the printer’s useful life. Moreover, the automatic duplexing function is compatible with the expandable 250-sheet input paper tray capacity. 

HP believes that cost-efficiency in printing comes when the ink cartridge is separated from the printhead. With this feature alone, HP guarantees low total cost of ownership. This quality is supported by other enhanced features such as the 400-sheet total paper input capacity as well as the automatic duplexer for the Inkjet 1200d. The print speed is at par with other units in the series with 28 pages per minute for black and 24 pages per minute for color. HP utilized 4-cartridge system in this business printer employing C4844A for black and C4836A to 38A for cyan, magenta, and yellow respectively. High capacity ink cartridges are used with generic inks replacements from Peachtreeink.com online store. To stay true to the economy in operation, the wireless networking capability is only an option. The standard connectivity is the built-in wired Ethernet connections. Although the monthly duty cycle of 6,250 pages is not the optimum in business printers, it is pretty enough for a model like the Inkjet 1200. For special media, the print quality can reach as high as 4800 dpi maximum resolution. This unit works well with a small team of five users who has plenty of materials that need to be processed on a daily basis. 

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