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Business 2000, 2200 print cartridges

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Our compatible HP 10 black print cartridges replace the HP C4844A inkjet cartridges. This inkjet cartridge is used by the HP Business Inkjet, DesignJet, and OfficeJet series inkjet printers. Our compatible HP 10 black ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. HP10 BLACK +C/M/Y is FOR: DesignJet 500, Business Inkjet 1100, Business Inkjet 2800, OfficeJet 9130, OfficeJet 9110, Business Inkjet 2200, Color Inkjet CP CP1700, Business Inkjet 1200d, DesignJet 110plus nr, DesignJet 100, DesignJet 70, OfficeJet Pro K850dn, Business Inkjet 2800dtn, Business Inkjet 2800dt, Business Inkjet 1000, OfficeJet Pro K850, DesignJet 2500c+, DesignJet Colorpro CAD, DesignJet Colorpro GA, OfficeJet 9120, Business Inkjet 3000n, Business Inkjet 3000dtn, Business Inkjet 3000, Business Inkjet 2600, Business Inkjet 2600dn, Business Inkjet 2500cm, Business Inkjet 2500c, Business Inkjet 2300n, Business Inkjet 2300, Business Inkjet 2280, Business Inkjet 2250tn, Business Inkjet 2250, Business Inkjet 2230, Business Inkjet 2000c, Color Inkjet CP 1700 HP DesignJet Colorpro GA

Review of the HP Business Inkjet - 2000, 2200 Printers

The HP Business Inkjet 2200 is a color inkjet workgroup printer that was designed to be used primarily in small office environments, although it could work equally well as a home inkjet printer if you have larger than average home printing requirements. The HP Business Inkjet 2200 comes with a standard plain paper tray that can hold up to 250 sheets, and also has a max color resolution of 1200x600 dpi. In terms of printing speeds, the 2200, according to HP, can print 11 pages per minute at a normal rate in black and white, but only manages a measly 2.6 pages per minute at normal speed in color. To make up for this rather slow color printing rate, the 2200 does come with a significant 10,000 page monthly duty cycle, which means that the needs of almost all small workgroups in terms of print quantity will be met by this inkjet.
 Another bonus feature of the HP Business Inkjet 2200 is that it will run on generic ink replacement cartridges that are substantially cheaper than the HP brand counterparts. The HP Business Inkjet 2000 will accept these generic cheap ink cartridges without problem and the print quality remains just great. The benefit of using cheap ink refills cartridges is that they cost less to buy than HP's own brand ink cartridges, and they offer the same print quality as HP cartridges. 

The built-in random access memory makes modern printers more intelligent. With an 8 MB of built-in RAM, the HP Business Inkjet 2200 Printer can process documents that fits the requirements of a busy group of professionals. Because of the HP PhotoREt III imaging technology, color printing of photos and graphics achieves high quality. Moreover, intelligent color and image enhancements can be realized through HP ColorSmart III. Although, it utilizes the same ink cartridges configuration, this unit only has 10,000 pages of monthly duty cycle. Nonetheless, it also utilizes generic ink cartridges from Peachtreeink.com online shop.  
Two paper trays with 250-sheet capacity each make up the total paper input capacity. Th e first tray accommodates media types such as HP specialty paper including premium inkjet paper, premium transparency, premium photo paper, and professional brochure glossy. For pure black text, the print speed is up to 17 pages per minute and 14 pages per minute for mixed text with color images. Although this unit has dimensions comparable to a medium-sized printer, it is amazingly light at only 22 lbs. Power consumption for this color printer is also ideal with only 65 watts during normal printing and only peaks at 68 watts during maximum printing. 

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