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Business 2230, 2250, 2280 generic printer ink

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Our compatible HP 10 black ink cartridge replaces the HP C4844A inkjet cartridges. These inkjet ink cartridges are used by the HP Business Inkjet, DesignJet, and OfficeJet series inkjet printers. Our compatible HP 10 black ink cartridges come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. HP10 BLACK +C/M/Y is FOR: DesignJet 500, Business Inkjet 1100, Business Inkjet 2800, OfficeJet 9130, OfficeJet 9110, Business Inkjet 2200, Color Inkjet CP CP1700, Business Inkjet 1200d, DesignJet 110plus nr, DesignJet 100, DesignJet 70, OfficeJet Pro K850dn, Business Inkjet 2800dtn, Business Inkjet 2800dt, Business Inkjet 1000, OfficeJet Pro K850, DesignJet 2500c+, DesignJet Colorpro CAD, DesignJet Colorpro GA, OfficeJet 9120, Business Inkjet 3000n, Business Inkjet 3000dtn, Business Inkjet 3000, Business Inkjet 2600, Business Inkjet 2600dn, Business Inkjet 2500cm, Business Inkjet 2500c, Business Inkjet 2300n, Business Inkjet 2300, Business Inkjet 2280, Business Inkjet 2250tn, Business Inkjet 2250, Business Inkjet 2230, Business Inkjet 2000c, Color Inkjet CP 1700 HP DesignJet Colorpro GA

Review of the HP Business Inkjet -2230, 2250, 2280 Printers

The HP Business Inkjets 2230, 2250, and 2280 represent another great offering from  HP in the business of the inkjet market. These three inkjet models are primarily intended for those looking to purchase a robust printer for the home or for a small office. The HP Business Inkjet 2230 can print up to 15 ppm in monochrome and up to 14 ppm in color, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Additionally, it comes with networking and ethernet options, which are crucial if you are looking to use this inkjet as a workgroup printer.
The HP Business Inkjet 2250 offers similar features to the 2230 and boasts a monthly duty cycle of up to 10,000 pages, which should be enough to satisfy the printing requirements of most small businesses. It is also very easy to set-up and run, which is always a plus. Finally, the HP Business Inkjet 2280 offers similar printing speeds to the other two inkjets, and has a color resolution of 1200x600 dpi.
Ultimately, any of these three models would be a good choice for a small business inkjet printer, and another advantage of all of these printers is the fact that they all run on generic replacement ink cartridges. This means that you don't have to pay for HP's own-branded cartridges when refilling these printers' ink levels, as you can buy cheaper ink replacement cheap printer ink cartridges that are available from Peachtree Ink.

Printer language and other support system makes a printer functional to the point of efficiency. In the HP Business Inkjet 2250 printer, there is a PostScript Level 2 support as well as 24 MB of RAM, HPA, and HP PCL 5Ce. However, if other HP models have a robust 30,000 pages monthly duty cycle, this unit only has 10,000 pages monthly duty cycle. In color printing, the maximum print resolution is up to 1200 x 600 dpi which is combined with a coor layering technology. In addition, the same print resolution applies to monochrome printing. There are four inexpensive ink cartridges installed with colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Peachtreeink.com distributes generic ink cartridges with the same quality as the original. The Inkjet 2250 has a fastest print speed of 15 pages per minute for black text and 14 pages per minute for color graphics with text. Its dimensions,weight, and majority of the vital components are identical with the Inkjet 2200. The power consumption is also the same with 68 watts during peak printing and down to 65 watts at normal printing. The total paper input capacity is 500 sheets divided between tray 1 and tray 2. Like the the Inkjet 2200, HP specialty papers are in use to achieve high quality prints at all times.  

An HP workgroup printer that is below the $300 price tag is the Business Inkjet 2280 Color Printer. Having a wired connectivity technology, it has a 48 MB random access memory. The language simulation are PostScript 3, PCL 5C, and PCL 3. A maximum print resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi is in place for both mono and color prints. Together with other printers in the HP 2000 series, four ink cartridges are installed with black, yellow, magenta, and cyan as the basic colors. Distributors like Peachtreeink.com have generic printer ink cartridges that rival the quality of original ones. The total media capacity for this unit is 250 sheets and can be maximized to 500 sheets. With 10,000 pages of monthly duty cycle, it is one of the lowest in its class. This feature is at par with the print speed of 15 pages per minute for black in draft mode and 6 pages per minute in color. The lone interface is a parallel port and the unit has a status LCD as a built-in devices. Accommodating a maximum media size of 8.5” x 14”, the Inkjet 2280 works well with media types such as plain paper, photo paper, transparencies, labels, cards, and envelopes. It consumes 68 watts of power in operational mode which is consistent with those of its siblings.

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